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The courage to change the things you can.

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About Us

growth takes guts

Molt + Moxie is a boutique consulting firm that supports people and organizations in creating more diverse, equitable and inclusive environments. In biology, molting is a process by which animals shed their skin or feathers to make room for new growth. Moxie is all about character and determination. Transformational change require us to shed old ways of thought to make room for new promise-- and only the most determined and courageous among us can sustain it.

We're here to support you through this process in order to make diversity a reality. Our clients know that moving the needle takes the right mix of molt and moxie.




for the committed

Molt + Moxie develops diversity, equity and inclusion strategies aligned with your business. Our approach is rooted in authenticity-- we seek partners who are sincere, humble, and demonstrate a capacity for change. Contact us if you are looking to create a diversity strategy, move a strategy to action, or develop a diversity learning program.

Diversity Strategy

Diverse Group Discussion

Training and Facilitation

Senior Women Embracing Each Other

Community Engagement

We're beyond making the business case- diversity is the business.

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We do our best work in community with others. Find our CEO and founder, Jordyne Blaise on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and (some days) Twitter.

To learn more about Jordyne, visit her website for her full bio.

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